Utah Meetups

Getting involved with the community is probably the best way to meet and learn from others, not to mention if you’re looking for opportunities to get into a Python field, you’ll have tons of networking opportunities.

Here are some recurring local events and meetups that you could check out (and if I’ve missed some please let me know):


Staying on top of the latest is easy thanks to the great people behind these and other newsletters. Be sure to sign up for these.


Twitter helped me so much in my early days. It was like being in a bunch of interesting conferences all at the same time and hearing what people were talking about in the community. I found some great tutorials that sparked my interest in programming and the rest is history.

Again, by no means is this list complete, but it’s a great starting point of people to follow to build up your feed

  • @PyData
  • @DJ44 (former US Chief Data Scientist)
  • @wesmckinn ‏(the Creator of Pandas)
  • @NewDataSciJobs (job postings for new data scientists)‏
  • @fullstackpython
  • @mkennedy (leader of the Talk Python to Me podcast)‏
  • @TalkPython
  • @jobfindlypython
  • @dataelixir
  • @stephenjdowns
  • @gjreda
  • @JennyBryan ‏(tweets cool R stuff),
  • @PythonWeekly ‏(they have a terrific newsletter)
  • @BecomingDataSci ‏(she’s HUGE in this space)
  • @RealPython (ton’s of great resources)‏
  • @jakevdp (he’s big into scientific / physics/astronomy using Python)‏
  • @hmason (she’s one of the pioneers of data science)‏
  • @YhatHQ ‏(they have a great blog)
  • @dataandme (she tweets constantly about cool R and visualization stuff)‏
  • @BigDataUtah ‏(for local events)
  • @KirkDBorne ‏(another HUGE data scientist that tweets tons of resources)
  • @DataSciNews ‏(another terrific newsletter as well)
  • @hadleywickham ‏(if you like or would like to learn R, you can’t avoid him)

Great blogs

Here are just a few to whet your blog palette