Do you have any recommended resources?

For learning the basics of SQL we really like SQL zoo and Select * SQL

DUMP Setting up a Some web development was involved in creating an internal website where anyone in the company could access dashboards. If you’re stuck on where to start, try picking a problem that is interesting to you – something you’d like to get to the bottom of or explore more with data. Learn some Git and Github and put up a repo of your work. Write about it. What skills are most needed to succeed in your team? In the field in general?

Being successful in data analytics, especially when you’re just starting out, I’d say a key skill is get used to being uncomfortable as you learn. You need to be flexible to trying out new things like libraries, new approaches to problems and not just stick to the one way or tool that worked in the past. Give yourself a month to learn a new library like collections or a tool like Docker. Don’t feel like you have to get it right at first. If you’re okay being wrong a lot, then you’ll be in good shape.